Funk That Map – Airline Map Eastwood Guitars

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Funk That Map is the song I used in the demo of the Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars. Well, in the video review I improvise over the background sequence. It’s not the same version as this one. In the video review, I used only an extract of the song (the A part) I improvised on to demonstrate the guitar possibilities.

That is the full studio version of Funk That Map.

I used two different guitars to record it. I performed the solo part with the Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars.

I played the two rhythm parts with a Stratocaster guitar with pickups set in 4th position. I only used a bit of detune effect from the boss harmonizer pedal along with some reverb from the nova verb of TC Electronics on strat parts.

For the lead part, I played the theme twice: first time using crunch sound of my amplifiers (Bugera) along with some reverb and delay from my TC electronics pedals.

I played the first theme with a crunch sound, and after some mellow soloing, I played the theme again but this time with my Surh Riot distortion pedal.

For the B part, for the first four bars I am using a WMD super fat-man box along with the distortion pedal. The next four bars are played without the fat man.

Outro theme is played using the same setting used in the intro.

In the B section, I also used some superego effect from EHX on the Stratocaster chords part. It gives a synthesiser sound, but it’s not. It’s my Stratocaster. I’ve sent output of the superego wet sound directly into Cubase, without passing through my amps.

I like the groove of that song and I am particularly happy of the bassline I came up with, I think it does it pretty well.

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