The song has been written using five different African rhythms. Jensa, Kurubi, Kasa, Madan, Sofa. Jensa and Kurubi being the most used the ones. I’m working a lot on African rhythm since years. I am not doing traditional African music, but I love using their rhythms to do jazz music. I have already composed and published another song recently that is using African rhythms. The song is called Mr. Brun. You can check out the video following that link if you’re interested. That one is using 12/8 African rhythms. While this one, Jensa is employing binary African rhythm in 4/4. [More]
Mr Brun (Mr. Brown in French) is a tribute to a French movie called Marius. Mr Brun is one of the main characters in that movie, and I love the guy. The actor himself and the role he plays. I’m into old French movies. Nowadays they try to make US movies, and it sucks. But back in the days when they were producing real French movies, they were splendid and original. As you can see in the video, I am not using any images from that movie. I didn’t want to break any copyright rules. I use HD stock video [More]