Smooth bossa nova like mood. It’s not really a traditional bossa nova rhythm, but the ambience remind the coolness of the Brazilian style. I wrote this song in 1991, and I never played it with anyone. It was just a chart slipping in a folder. I also had a basic MIDI file of the arrangement, and that was it. Finally, it was time to make the song alive. I enjoyed pretty much recording it using all my different guitars and the lovely Latin rhythm EZdrummer plugin. I used six different guitars for the recording. I always use many different instrument [More]
I named the sound Potion Magique (Magic Potion) because it is an unusual mix of different rhythms: Reggae and swing. I thought those two different styles were blending like a magic potion to make the song alive. I wrote that song back in 1985. Yes, you read right; that was 29 years ago. I was living in Montréal back then, and this is one of the first songs I ever composed. 1985 was the first year I was leading my septet. It was my first year at Concordia University, and that song is featured on my first demo. I recorded [More]
Funk That Map is the song I used in the demo of the Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars. Well, in the video review I improvise over the background sequence. It’s not the same version as this one. In the video review, I used only an extract of the song (the A part) I improvised on to demonstrate the guitar possibilities. That is the full studio version of Funk That Map. I used two different guitars to record it. I performed the solo part with the Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars. I played the two rhythm parts with a Stratocaster guitar [More]
The song is a medium shuffle at 120 BPM. I wrote it somewhere around 1991. I don’t remember exactly, but it’s not that important. I performed it live with the French trio I formed in the late 90. I played the main part with the Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars. I like that guitar pretty much, especially for that type of music where I require a distorted sound, but without being too much rock ‘n roll. A Stratocaster would’ve been to treble. The hollow body of the Airline Map gives that mellow sound I like and need to perform fusion [More]
That video is the part two of the cha-cha solo I did to demo the Delta six Eastwood guitars. This time I used the crunch sound of my Bugera 26 watts amps. I added an “S” to amp because I am using two amps in stereo. Both amps are set exactly the same. The only effect I used this time around is a TC electronic nova verb. I like that sound and I am using it a lot with all the guitars I have. With the Delta 6, it gives a warm sound I found perfect for that type of [More]
This video is part of the review I made about the Delta six Eastwood guitars. If you want, you can listen to the entire review and check out the post following this link. It’s a simple two chords cha-cha, in a Carlos Santana style. I like playing that way, when I got back from Canada, fellow Frenchman musicians nicknamed me: Carlos Canada… In this one, I use a soul food stompbox from EHX, and later on in the solo I’m adding a WMD Super Fatman effect. I set the soul food really low, to not get any distortion. I just [More]
I wrote this composition almost 20 years ago, just before returning from Canada. I used a lot of stompboxes on this recording. There are two-guitar parts in addition to the drums part, the bass part and some orchestral overdubs done with VoiceBox and superego effects from Electro Harmonix, and some minimal synth parts played with my midi controller. The rhythm guitar part uses an A3 Zoom with a 50-% pickup blend (p90/piezo) to enhance the acoustic sound and clearly separate the sound of the lead guitar. In the funk part, I used a “touch wah” from the A3 Zoom. The [More]