I called this piece Black Beauty in honor to the guitar I just set up. It is a Stratocaster featuring HSS Wilkinson pickup configuration. The electronic is wired as a 9 Way Switching System that offers four additional sounds to the traditional pickup selector. Also, the middle pup can be set half out of phase, and the bridge humbucker pickup can be set in series, split or parallel. Finally, the guitar has a 12 positions Varitone. The second guitar used in this composition is one of the other guitars I build recently. It features five microphones and two selectors. A [More]
As you can tell by the title, I’m a Deep Purple fan. The song has nothing to do with the Mega Hit, Highway Star. I just named it like that because the song is extremely fast, and as you can guess, is performed on Stratocaster guitars. The lineup used in the song is quite simple. It’s only two guitars, a bass and drums. On the left side, you can hear the rhythm track played on my custom Stratocaster loaded with a hot rail pickups from Belcat. I used the bridge pickup in series with my Dual Fusion distortion pedal set [More]
I wrote this piece a very long time ago in the 80s and I played it with my quartet in Canada. Jazz Fusion was really hip at the time, and living in Montreal, I couldn’t resist to the enormous influence Uzeb had on mostly every musician of the city. I strongly distanced from that kind of music since. Jazz Fusion was really hip at the time, and living in Montreal, I couldn’t resist to the enormous influence Uzeb had on mostly every musician of the city. I strongly distanced from that kind of music since. Nevertheless, I love this song, [More]
I named that song Even and Odd because of the polyrhythmic use. It is a superposition of two different meters. One part of the band is playing in 4/4 while the other part is playing in 5/8. It sounds a bit intellectual, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. I always liked polyrhythmic figures. When I was young, I was playing a lot of odd meters without knowing what it was. I had a hard time trying to write it down because I didn’t even know the existence of odd meters like 5/4, 11/8, etc. I didn’t even know [More]
Funk on the water is a crazy version of the mystical Deep Purple super hit. In the beginning, I started to write it as a joke. And then, when I played it I liked it a lot. I thought it was pretty funny to change the song and still being able to recognize it. Well, personally I nail the song right away but I played it to my girlfriend, and she said: I know that song, but I don’t know what it is. 🙂 She is not the most knowledgeable in music but I am sure she already heard Smoke [More]
This song is based on the principle of pyramidal building. It was originally composed for a radio jingle, and employed as an intro for a radio show. It was back in the early 90. For a couple of years, I wrote the entire music for a radio name RPH. This radio is still alive today, and it is located in the south of France near Pezenas. At that time, I was only making MIDI programming. Computer music wasn’t at the level it is today, and audio recording wasn’t possible or at least not as easy as it is today. When [More]
I got the idea for that song while I was reviewing the Varitone installed on my Modern Player Stratocaster. I was playing around the chord progression since a few days, and when I was recording the video, I came up with a guitar intro and the main riff. I kept the intro phrase I imported from the modern player’s video. I was too lazy to record it again, and I liked the way it sound with that Modern Player Stratocaster. Besides the intro, the song is entirely performed using my latest custom Stratocaster featuring Hot Rail Alnico Humbucker Pickups from [More]
The song has been written using five different African rhythms. Jensa, Kurubi, Kasa, Madan, Sofa. Jensa and Kurubi being the most used the ones. I’m working a lot on African rhythm since years. I am not doing traditional African music, but I love using their rhythms to do jazz music. I have already composed and published another song recently that is using African rhythms. The song is called Mr. Brun. You can check out the video following that link if you’re interested. That one is using 12/8 African rhythms. While this one, Jensa is employing binary African rhythm in 4/4. [More]
Mr Brun (Mr. Brown in French) is a tribute to a French movie called Marius. Mr Brun is one of the main characters in that movie, and I love the guy. The actor himself and the role he plays. I’m into old French movies. Nowadays they try to make US movies, and it sucks. But back in the days when they were producing real French movies, they were splendid and original. As you can see in the video, I am not using any images from that movie. I didn’t want to break any copyright rules. I use HD stock video [More]
Easy Listening Midtempo Shuffle. I wrote this song fast when I was covering my Fender Stratocaster modern player model. You can check this article following that link if you are interested to learn technical aspects of this guitar. Generally, I am using a different guitar for each track to make them entirely different from each other. But this time around I used the same guitar to play both tracks, because I used quite different effects. The second part is extremely minimal. I used a clean sound in fifth position pickup, with my Superego pedal from EHX, along with some detune [More]
This song is the progressive rock type of music. I used all my different Stratocaster guitars to record it. I played the main part with my Fender Modern Player HSH. I played the second part with my custom scalloped Stratocaster featuring a Lace pickguard. I played the third part on my second custom scalloped Stratocaster featuring a Seymour Duncan pickguard. Finally, I played some cunter-melody was my Squier Stratocaster using a Noise Box effect from Subdecay. The song is mainly in 5/4 rhythm. During the main part in 5/4, I am playing around metrics to displace the downbeat. The bridge [More]