I based EZfunk on forgotten charts I found in my workbook searching for a new song to record. I have so many of them written over the last 30 years that I forgot a lot of them. I’m trying to alternate recording new and old songs. Most of my old songs are completely finish with the arrangement, but this one was just rough ideas I completed and arranged while recording. The first part is a slow funk at 97 BPM. I had everything but the bassline, and I improvised around the melody written. The second part speeds up at 130 [More]
This is a crazy funk rock arrangement of the French children song “a la Claire Fontaine”. I wrote it ten years ago for a brass band I was playing in on tuba. We had fun playing it, so I decided to record it on guitar playing each part with a different custom instrument. All of the Stratocasters I used own a Kahler vibrato. They are all of them entirely different regarding wiring, pickups and even type of body. The theme is harmonized in parallel fourth, which is strange for this sort of melody. I did it on purpose because the [More]
I entitled that song “Mustang Wanted” in honor of the Ukrainian urban climber who owns that pseudonym. Right from the start I wanted to call that sound that way but for the sake of originality, I was searching for another title for days. I can come up pretty fast with name songs, but this time around I couldn’t find anything that fit as good as “Mustang Wanted.” When everything was done but the title, I decided to use my original idea. The song structure is a D major blues. I’m changing the structure in some places during the song, but [More]
Funk on the water is a crazy version of the mystical Deep Purple super hit. In the beginning, I started to write it as a joke. And then, when I played it I liked it a lot. I thought it was pretty funny to change the song and still being able to recognize it. Well, personally I nail the song right away but I played it to my girlfriend, and she said: I know that song, but I don’t know what it is. 🙂 She is not the most knowledgeable in music but I am sure she already heard Smoke [More]
I wrote that song in 1991. I played it for a long time with my French trio. It was quite a blast to play to live because the song got a lot of energies. Except the middle part in 7/4, it is pretty straightforward 4/4. There are three different part in the song. The first one is a rhythm and blues groove inspired by a Brecker Brothers song called   “If you Wanna boogie.” The second part is a basic four power chords rock ‘n roll’ suite. Finally, the third part is a 7/4 pattern. I performed it using my custom-made [More]
This piece was composed for the demo of the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville String Nylon. You can read the article on this guitar by following this link. The video includes an introduction that explains the reasons for my purchase, before interpreting the song. This piece is a slow funk at 100 BPM. It consists of a relatively simple orchestration. I wanted to avoid a large arrangement for you to hear the sound of the guitar clearly. Furthermore the bass part, guitar and drums, I made some overdubs using my You Rock Guitar guitar Midi controller. I also added some [More]