I recorded this song using the last two custom Stratocaster I build. They are totally different one from another. The one you see in the video is a Custom Stratocaster featuring GFS Gold Foil Pickups and a Telecaster neck pickup used as a middle pickup. The wiring is not as extreme as my other Stratocaster. It features three on-on toggle switches instead of a regular Stratocaster five position selector. Also, as all my pickguard featuring humbucker pickups, I have an on-on-on toggle switch on each humbucker to be able to set it as series, split, and parallel. There is one [More]
I named that song Even and Odd because of the polyrhythmic use. It is a superposition of two different meters. One part of the band is playing in 4/4 while the other part is playing in 5/8. It sounds a bit intellectual, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. I always liked polyrhythmic figures. When I was young, I was playing a lot of odd meters without knowing what it was. I had a hard time trying to write it down because I didn’t even know the existence of odd meters like 5/4, 11/8, etc. I didn’t even know [More]