I got the idea for that song while I was reviewing the Varitone installed on my Modern Player Stratocaster. I was playing around the chord progression since a few days, and when I was recording the video, I came up with a guitar intro and the main riff. I kept the intro phrase I imported from the modern player’s video. I was too lazy to record it again, and I liked the way it sound with that Modern Player Stratocaster. Besides the intro, the song is entirely performed using my latest custom Stratocaster featuring Hot Rail Alnico Humbucker Pickups from [More]
Easy Listening Midtempo Shuffle. I wrote this song fast when I was covering my Fender Stratocaster modern player model. You can check this article following that link if you are interested to learn technical aspects of this guitar. Generally, I am using a different guitar for each track to make them entirely different from each other. But this time around I used the same guitar to play both tracks, because I used quite different effects. The second part is extremely minimal. I used a clean sound in fifth position pickup, with my Superego pedal from EHX, along with some detune [More]
This video is part of the review I made about the Delta six Eastwood guitars. If you want, you can listen to the entire review and check out the post following this link. It’s a simple two chords cha-cha, in a Carlos Santana style. I like playing that way, when I got back from Canada, fellow Frenchman musicians nicknamed me: Carlos Canada… In this one, I use a soul food stompbox from EHX, and later on in the solo I’m adding a WMD Super Fatman effect. I set the soul food really low, to not get any distortion. I just [More]