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I based EZfunk on forgotten charts I found in my workbook searching for a new song to record. I have so many of them written over the last 30 years that I forgot a lot of them. I’m trying to alternate recording new and old songs. Most of my old songs are completely finish with the arrangement, but this one was just rough ideas I completed and arranged while recording. The first part is a slow funk at 97 BPM. I had everything but the bassline, and I improvised around the melody written. The second part speeds up at 130 [More]
This song is based on two compositions I wrote years ago. The two different parts blend perfectly, so I decided to make one song out of it. I recorded it using three different guitars of my collection. I played the lead part using my custom fretless guitar plugged into my Micro Synth effect from EHX. I’m using four different voice mixes of the same filter sweep setting. It sounds unbelievable. I am amazed of the different sounds I can get using different pickup Selection. I also used the fretless to play the baseline in the first part of the song. [More]
This is a crazy funk rock arrangement of the French children song “a la Claire Fontaine”. I wrote it ten years ago for a brass band I was playing in on tuba. We had fun playing it, so I decided to record it on guitar playing each part with a different custom instrument. All of the Stratocasters I used own a Kahler vibrato. They are all of them entirely different regarding wiring, pickups and even type of body. The theme is harmonized in parallel fourth, which is strange for this sort of melody. I did it on purpose because the [More]
I entitled that song “Mustang Wanted” in honor of the Ukrainian urban climber who owns that pseudonym. Right from the start I wanted to call that sound that way but for the sake of originality, I was searching for another title for days. I can come up pretty fast with name songs, but this time around I couldn’t find anything that fit as good as “Mustang Wanted.” When everything was done but the title, I decided to use my original idea. The song structure is a D major blues. I’m changing the structure in some places during the song, but [More]
I wrote this song for my band named Aloes. The title is an untranslatable French joke. It’s a play on words with the movie East of Eden. I recorded that song you bring two custom Stratocasters I made with an entirely different electronic wiring. The main guitar I used to play the lead features three hot rail humbucker pickups from Belcat. Even if the sound is clean, there are a bunch of effect on it. I plugged it into a Micro Synth stompbox from EHX, a compressor, Cathedral reverb ( room setting), detune (PS-6 from Boss), and a bit of [More]
Micro Swing is a medium swing at 100 BPM. I had the idea of the song while testing my new effect from electro harmonics: The Micro Synth. I came up with the theme within few minutes. The sound I found after few minutes of testing inspired me. I kept that song as simple as possible. I am used to producing heavy duty arrangement featuring lots of different parts. This time around, I wanted to be as simple as possible and to play with spaces. There are only four different tracks in this song. Bass, drums, a clean guitar track and [More]
I recorded this song using the last two custom Stratocaster I build. They are totally different one from another. The one you see in the video is a Custom Stratocaster featuring GFS Gold Foil Pickups and a Telecaster neck pickup used as a middle pickup. The wiring is not as extreme as my other Stratocaster. It features three on-on toggle switches instead of a regular Stratocaster five position selector. Also, as all my pickguard featuring humbucker pickups, I have an on-on-on toggle switch on each humbucker to be able to set it as series, split, and parallel. There is one [More]
I called this piece Black Beauty in honor to the guitar I just set up. It is a Stratocaster featuring HSS Wilkinson pickup configuration. The electronic is wired as a 9 Way Switching System that offers four additional sounds to the traditional pickup selector. Also, the middle pup can be set half out of phase, and the bridge humbucker pickup can be set in series, split or parallel. Finally, the guitar has a 12 positions Varitone. The second guitar used in this composition is one of the other guitars I build recently. It features five microphones and two selectors. A [More]
As you can tell by the title, I’m a Deep Purple fan. The song has nothing to do with the Mega Hit, Highway Star. I just named it like that because the song is extremely fast, and as you can guess, is performed on Stratocaster guitars. The lineup used in the song is quite simple. It’s only two guitars, a bass and drums. On the left side, you can hear the rhythm track played on my custom Stratocaster loaded with a hot rail pickups from Belcat. I used the bridge pickup in series with my Dual Fusion distortion pedal set [More]
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