A la Claire Funktaine – Kahler vibrato & EHX Micro Synth & Dual Fusion

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This is a crazy funk rock arrangement of the French children song “a la Claire Fontaine”.
I wrote it ten years ago for a brass band I was playing in on tuba. We had fun playing it, so I decided to record it on guitar playing each part with a different custom instrument.
All of the Stratocasters I used own a Kahler vibrato. They are all of them entirely different regarding wiring, pickups and even type of body.
The theme is harmonized in parallel fourth, which is strange for this sort of melody.
I did it on purpose because the main goal of the brass band I wrote the arrangement for was to massacre famous songs by changing them completely but still being able to recognize them.
I played the bass part using my Squier VI, and the drum part is performed by Carter Beauford using the Ezdrummer plugin.
I Used four different guitars in that song. Three Stratocaster featuring Kahler vibrato are playing the harmonized theme and the solo. The fourth one, featuring Wilkinson pickups, is playing the funky rhythm part. For the distortion sound, I used either my amps crunch channel or the dual fusion stompbox. I also used the Micro Synth from EHX a lot. To filter the distortion sound and also to create the auto wah sound you can hear on the rhythm part throughout the song.

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