Aloes D’eden – Belcat Hot rail pickups & Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic Kit

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I wrote this song for my band named Aloes. The title is an untranslatable French joke. It’s a play on words with the movie East of Eden.

I recorded that song you bring two custom Stratocasters I made with an entirely different electronic wiring.

The main guitar I used to play the lead features three hot rail humbucker pickups from Belcat.
Even if the sound is clean, there are a bunch of effect on it. I plugged it into a Micro Synth stompbox from EHX, a compressor, Cathedral reverb ( room setting), detune (PS-6 from Boss), and a bit of delay. (Time Force from NUX).

I love to use the Micro Synth to filter the clean sound of the guitar. In other songs, I used it to produce synthetized sounds as well, but I like to use it to filter the clean sound of the guitar to alter it slightly. It gives a lot of sustain without sounding like a synthesizer.

The second strat features three lipstick pickups from GSF and a Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic Kit.

But on that recording, I only used the acoustic sound plugged directly into the sound card with a bit a reverb.

I performed the bass line with my Squier VI bass, and the drum part is EZdrummer.

Concerning the song the intro is a 7/4 vamp in A. The main theme uses a bossa nova rhythm. The chord progression is simple. Switching between A minor and F major.
I wrote that song in late 90’s for the last lineup of my group. We performed it as a trio, but we were playing way too loud and too rock to make it sound as good as this version.

I have a hard time with drummers who doesn’t know how to control their playing level. It seems that as soon as they are excited to play they are banging the drums like John Bonham. I love John Bonham, but not in bossa nova. Just kidding

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