Bad Habit – Delta 6 Eastwood Guitars

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I wrote this composition almost 20 years ago, just before returning from Canada.

I used a lot of stompboxes on this recording.

There are two-guitar parts in addition to the drums part, the bass part and some orchestral overdubs done with VoiceBox and superego effects from Electro Harmonix, and some minimal synth parts played with my midi controller.

The rhythm guitar part uses an A3 Zoom with a 50-% pickup blend (p90/piezo) to enhance the acoustic sound and clearly separate the sound of the lead guitar. In the funk part, I used a “touch wah” from the A3 Zoom.

The solo part uses a lot of pedals. Throughout the piece, I use a digital reverb and delay TC electronic. (Verb Nova & Nova delay).

I start with a Soul Food box from EHX with a very light setting, a very broad sound with plenty of mid. The result is very jazzy. I love this pedal.

During the bridge, I use a Boss PS-6 harmoniser (fifth), always with the Soul Food and a little chorus.

the last theme is played with the same setup as the first exposure.

The first part of the solo is played with the crunch channel of my Bugera amps. I love it, especially with this guitar.

I continued to solo with the same Boss PS-6 harmoniser, (fifth) this time with the crunch channel.

During the funk bit, I add the WMD super Fatman effect. (Wah filter).

Last theme. I use the crunch sound end to end with Boss PS-6 (fifth) for the bridge.

I finished the piece with a solo on a vamp. For this very strange part, I use the crunch sound along with the Boss A6 harmoniser (fifth) and I occasionally add  some super Fatman effect….

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