Black Beauty – Custom HSS Strat 9 Way Switching System

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I called this piece Black Beauty in honor to the guitar I just set up. It is a Stratocaster featuring HSS Wilkinson pickup configuration. The electronic is wired as a 9 Way Switching System that offers four additional sounds to the traditional pickup selector.

Also, the middle pup can be set half out of phase, and the bridge humbucker pickup can be set in series, split or parallel. Finally, the guitar has a 12 positions Varitone.

The second guitar used in this composition is one of the other guitars I build recently. It features five microphones and two selectors. A three position for the two humbucker pickups and a five-position selector for the three single coils.

I wrote this piece very quickly. I based it on the bass groove. I kept the orchestration as simple as possible; only two guitar tracks, bass, and drums. I also used the least possible effect on the guitars, to hear the different sound of both instruments.

The guitar used for the main theme is plugged into a dual distortion box with reverb and delay while the second one uses the distortion from my amplifiers.

The main guitar, called Black Beauty, has a sound very close to the traditional Stratocaster sound. I used several different combination of pickups. The introduction solo is played with the neck pickup only. I played the first theme in fourth position (neck and middle pickup), and the second part of the theme in second position (Middle and bridge pickups).

The second guitar uses a mixture of pups: Neck Hot Rail with middle and bridge single coils in parallel.

I played the bass part using my usual Squier VI and created the drum part with the plug-in EZ Drummer.

The song is in A major, using a basic chord progression, and the tempo is 100BPM. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun recording it.

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