Delta6 Eastwood Solo with Soul Food & Super Fatman

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This video is part of the review I made about the Delta six Eastwood guitars. If you want, you can listen to the entire review and check out the post following this link.

It’s a simple two chords cha-cha, in a Carlos Santana style. I like playing that way, when I got back from Canada, fellow Frenchman musicians nicknamed me: Carlos Canada…

In this one, I use a soul food stompbox from EHX, and later on in the solo I’m adding a WMD Super Fatman effect.

I set the soul food really low, to not get any distortion. I just use it to obtain a really large sound full of midrange frequency. I really like that sound, especially on that guitar. It gives a really jazzy sound that fit the guitar correctly.

The WMD Fatman is a really cool effect. It’s a highly elaborated wah stompbox. You can set it any way you want. And with an expression pedal, it does wonder.

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