Encore – Performed with a Fender Modern Player HSH

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This song is the progressive rock type of music. I used all my different Stratocaster guitars to record it. I played the main part with my Fender Modern Player HSH. I played the second part with my custom scalloped Stratocaster featuring a Lace pickguard. I played the third part on my second custom scalloped Stratocaster featuring a Seymour Duncan pickguard. Finally, I played some cunter-melody was my Squier Stratocaster using a Noise Box effect from Subdecay.

The song is mainly in 5/4 rhythm. During the main part in 5/4, I am playing around metrics to displace the downbeat.

The bridge starts in 3/4 rhythm and switches to 4/4. The song is ending in 5/4 with the same rhythmic pattern as the beginning.

There is no solo in that song; everything is written. When you read the outline of the song it sounds complicated, but it’s not. It’s easy listening, and apart from one bar or two, it’s also easy to play.

In term of sound effects, I used a distortion pedal for the lead part (Riot from Suhr). A crunch sound for the second part and a crunch sound plus some Soul Food from EHX for the Third Part. As I already said, I am also using a Noise Box from Subdecay to play some counter-melodies in the 5/4 parts.

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