Even and Odd – Custom Stratocaster Red Special Wiring

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I named that song Even and Odd because of the polyrhythmic use. It is a superposition of two different meters. One part of the band is playing in 4/4 while the other part is playing in 5/8.

It sounds a bit intellectual, but it’s not as complicated as it sounds. I always liked polyrhythmic figures. When I was young, I was playing a lot of odd meters without knowing what it was. I had a hard time trying to write it down because I didn’t even know the existence of odd meters like 5/4, 11/8, etc. I didn’t even know about 3/4 so I was writing everything in 4/4. I knew it was wrong, but I didn’t know how to write it down correctly.

I’m talking about that, only to illustrate why my use of strange meters is a natural thing to me.

In that song, I used three different guitar to record it. The main part is performed on my latest creation. I made a Stratocaster using Burns pickups and wired them almost like the Red Special off Brian May. The only difference I have with Brian May is that the middle pickup has the half out of phase option instead of a regular out of phase setting. The two other pickup (neck and bridge) own the normal out of phase setting. I also added a midrange shaper pot to fine tune my EQ.

The second guitar part is performed on my SSH Stratocaster I built using Wilkinson pickups. I also use a different electronic wiring on this one. I used the nine-way selector system along with the middle single coil pickup half out of phase option and the possibility to set the bridge pup to work in series, split or parallel.

The last guitar used is my custom Modern Player Stratocaster equipped with an HSH aluminum alloy pickguard. Each humbucker is editable in series, split, and parallel.

The strange synthesizer sound happening at various places in the song and in the middle solo is performed with a Noise Box pedal from SubDecay.

I enjoyed making the video using copyright free footage from archive.org. I find pretty cool to juxtapose catastrophic images with that couple kissing each other in a fun way. The straightforward scenario I had in mind while making the video was to portray that couple flirting at the theater while watching news waiting for the film as it was in the old days. Apparently they didn’t care that much about what was happening on screen…

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