EZfunk – Funk Rock Performed with Custom PRS Semi-Hollow Body Guitar

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I based EZfunk on forgotten charts I found in my workbook searching for a new song to record. I have so many of them written over the last 30 years that I forgot a lot of them.

I’m trying to alternate recording new and old songs. Most of my old songs are completely finish with the arrangement, but this one was just rough ideas I completed and arranged while recording.

The first part is a slow funk at 97 BPM. I had everything but the bassline, and I improvised around the melody written.

The second part speeds up at 130 BPM. It fits together pretty well. It’s the solo part, vamping on a B minor seven chord.

I used three different guitars to record that song. The central part is performed using my custom guitar that looks like a Semi Hollow Body PRS type of guitar. The guitar features to Wilkinson humbuckers I can edit in series parallel or splits, and the neck pickup can be switch out of phase.

The second guitar I use to play the funk read them in the intro and through all the fast tempo part is a custom Stratocaster featuring three lipstick pickups.

Finally, the third guitar I used is a Stratocaster featuring burned pickups wired like the famous Brian May red special guitar.

As usual, the bass I played the bassline using my Squier VI bass guitar. The drum part is done using various patterns from EZdrummer plugging, hence the name of the song.

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