Funk On The Water – Funkyfied Version of Deep Purple Megahit

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Funk on the water is a crazy version of the mystical Deep Purple super hit. In the beginning, I started to write it as a joke. And then, when I played it I liked it a lot. I thought it was pretty funny to change the song and still being able to recognize it.

Well, personally I nail the song right away but I played it to my girlfriend, and she said: I know that song, but I don’t know what it is. 🙂

She is not the most knowledgeable in music but I am sure she already heard Smoke On The Water, so it mustn’t be that obvious, after all.

I play the bass riff with my beloved six strings Squier bass that I love more and more. I plugged it right into my sound card and used Guitar Rig plug-in to emulate bass amps. I’m only using Guitar Rig for my bass sound. I don’t like it on the guitar. I think it sounds too much digital. I prefer my rig.

I used three different Stratocaster to play the guitar parts. The famous smoke on the water funkyfied riff is performed on my custom Stratocaster featuring hot rail Belcat Pickup. I am using the bridge pickup with the channel two of the dual fusion distortion box.

The main lead (the melody) is performed on my latest custom semi-hollow body Stratocaster built with Belcat mini humbuckers. I used the number one channel of the dual fusion distortion box along with other effects that I don’t recall.

For the first solo in 4/4 I added the WMD Wah effect to open it. The rhythm part is performed with a nine switching system with the middle pick up half out-of-phase. I am doing two tracks with this guitar. One part uses the selector in second position to play funky riffs, and the other one has the selector set in fourth position to play chords.

For the second solo in 6/8 I am using the Noise Box from Sub Decay. It’s a strange pedal, and I love it. It’s an analogic guitar synth. I am using the semi-hollow body Strat to perform the distortion chords part using my amps crunch sound this time around. I’m still using the other 9 Switching Way strat to continue my chink a chink funky strumming.

For the drums, I use the easy drummer plug-in which is a blast. But this time I had a strange and annoying issue trying to export the song in Cubase. I couldn’t export it like I normally do. It was caused by the plugin but for a strange reason I couldn’t erase the drum part to start all again. The song was blocked into Cubase unable to export the mix… 🙁

Finally, I recorded it live using Audacity program. I wired the headphone output of my soundcard into the audio input of my computer and used Audacity as a recorder. I am finally pleased with the outcome despite this unusual issue.

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