Funk You – Custom-Made Scalloped Stratocaster

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I wrote that song in 1991. I played it for a long time with my French trio. It was quite a blast to play to live because the song got a lot of energies. Except the middle part in 7/4, it is pretty straightforward 4/4.

There are three different part in the song.

The first one is a rhythm and blues groove inspired by a Brecker Brothers song called   “If you Wanna boogie.”

The second part is a basic four power chords rock ‘n roll’ suite.

Finally, the third part is a 7/4 pattern.

I performed it using my custom-made scalloped Stratocaster that I recently demoed. If you want to check out the full review, you can read the article on my main blog.

I also use my regular Stratocaster to play the written part. Every time I recorded a song featuring more than one guitar part, I am always using a different guitar to enrich the sound, but more important to vary frequencies. It helps to hear each part more distinctly in the mix.

I used a bunch of effects on that one.

solo part:

  • surh Riot distortion pedal
  • TC electronic nova delay for both solo
  • WMD Super Fatman during the intro
  • TC electronic nova verb

Rhythm part:

  • crunch sound of my amps ( Bugera) during the 7/4 clean rhythm part
  • Superego from electro harmonixs
  • Arparanoid
  • TC electronic nova verb

As usual, I use my 6 strings Squier bass to play the bass part.

I also did some tiny synthesizer overdub using my You Rock midi controller.

Finally, the only programmed part in that song is the drums part coming from my Ezdrummer plug-in that I edited to fit the structure of the song and to stick perfectly with the bassline.

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