Funkystic – Electro-Acoustic Funk by Herve Senni

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This piece was composed for the demo of the Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville String Nylon. You can read the article on this guitar by following this link. The video includes an introduction that explains the reasons for my purchase, before interpreting the song.

This piece is a slow funk at 100 BPM. It consists of a relatively simple orchestration. I wanted to avoid a large arrangement for you to hear the sound of the guitar clearly.

Furthermore the bass part, guitar and drums, I made some overdubs using my You Rock Guitar guitar Midi controller. I also added some vocal harmonies and vocoder effects in the background.

For guitar synth sounds, I used the plug-in Prologue included in Cubase. I love this synth. It delivers sound that can be modified. I do not like GM synthesizers that are pale imitations of real instruments. I prefer synthetic sound that you can edit and make your very own.

For voice effects, I used an Electro-Harmonix pedal called the Voice Box. I love this effect. It allows you to create very nice things in real time. I use it a lot and I have to restrain myself to not using it in all of my compositions to vary the sound of my orchestrations …

Regarding the sound of the guitar itself, I have used very little effect. Mainly the reverb and some compressor in the solo to give more power to my finger picking.
Finally, I interpreted the bass line with my Fender Bass VI Modified plugged into an Ampeg BA108.

I try as much as possible to play every track in my music, except the drum track. I play everything live. Not only I play all the parts, but I do not copy and paste. Although the riff last only a few bar, I play it throughout the duration of the song. It is way more musical that way.

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