General Fraise – Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars

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The song is a medium shuffle at 120 BPM. I wrote it somewhere around 1991. I don’t remember exactly, but it’s not that important. I performed it live with the French trio I formed in the late 90.

I played the main part with the Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars. I like that guitar pretty much, especially for that type of music where I require a distorted sound, but without being too much rock ‘n roll. A Stratocaster would’ve been to treble. The hollow body of the Airline Map gives that mellow sound I like and need to perform fusion music, where the sound need to be jazzier.

I performed the second guitar parts with a custom-made solid-body  guitar I recently built. The guitar features a Floyd Rose whammy bar and three pickups: two P90 and a Seymour Duncan splittable humbucker at the bridge. I also used the whammy bar to add effect on chords.

Pedals used on the lead part:

The noise box from Subdecay. That is a crazy pedal. Probably the weirdest I have in my pedal board. I like it a lot, but it’s damn difficult to use. It’s a cross between a distortion pedal  and a synthesiser. You can hear it in the intro, and in the end part of the last solo, just before the bass solo. I would more preferably call it a bass interlude, since I’m not soloing that much but grooving more…

I played the main theme with the beloved crunch sound of my amps. It is pretty straightforward up to the first solo.

I used some vibrato effect at the beginning of the solo to give that underwater type of sound. I used it for the first eight bar just before it goes into swing.

After playing the B section again in a new key, I’m continuing to solo using the WMD super fat-man coupled with my Suhr riot distortion pedal, instead of the amp’s crunch sound.

Finally, I finish the solo with the noise box from Subdecay and the WMD super fat man Wah Wah effect.

After the bass solo, I’m using the crunch sound of my amps with a little bit of Soul Food form EHX. The result is between a mellow crunch sound and a big heavily distorted sound.

I played the last theme with the same setting I used in the beginning.

Pedals used on rythm track:

I employed either: a crunch sound with some detune effect from the Boss harmonizer pedal or some WMD super fat-man Wah with a clean sound.

Sounds like a lot of electronics but I kept it musical.

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