Highway Strat – Scalloped Strat Seymour Duncan Pickups

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As you can tell by the title, I’m a Deep Purple fan. The song has nothing to do with the Mega Hit, Highway Star. I just named it like that because the song is extremely fast, and as you can guess, is performed on Stratocaster guitars.

The lineup used in the song is quite simple. It’s only two guitars, a bass and drums. On the left side, you can hear the rhythm track played on my custom Stratocaster loaded with a hot rail pickups from Belcat. I used the bridge pickup in series with my Dual Fusion distortion pedal set on channel number two.

The lead part you hear on the right channel is played with my custom scalloped Stratocaster loaded with Seymour Duncan pickups SJBJ / SDBR / SL59, and equipped with a Kahler vibrato. I use a bunch of different pedals to get this heavy lead rock sound. I have a soul food, plus a Dual Fusion set on channel 1, along with the crunch sound of my amps. I also have some detune, digital delay and digital reverb.

I picked those two guitars because they have a completely different sound. The bellcat one sounds fat and powerful. Even using the bridge pickup the sound is quite large while the other one have a much brighter outcome. Also, the scalloped neck allows me to play fast easily. I also like this Kahler vibrato I much prefer over the original Floyd Rose vibrato installed on that guitar. I had a lot of work to modify the guitar body to adapt it, but it worth it.

I use the bridge pickup in series on the scalloped guitar too. But the middle solo is played with the bridge pickup and the middle pickup together with the middle pickup being half out of phase.

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