Jensa – Custom Startocaster with wilkinson Pickguard

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The song has been written using five different African rhythms. Jensa, Kurubi, Kasa, Madan, Sofa.

Jensa and Kurubi being the most used the ones. I’m working a lot on African rhythm since years. I am not doing traditional African music, but I love using their rhythms to do jazz music.

I have already composed and published another song recently that is using African rhythms. The song is called Mr. Brun. You can check out the video following that link if you’re interested. That one is using 12/8 African rhythms. While this one, Jensa is employing binary African rhythm in 4/4.

I wrote that song in the late 90 and I played it with my septet in various jazz festival and clubs. It was originally written for trumpet, saxophone, guitar, synthesizer, bass, percussion and drums. I recorded it using only guitars to perform the entire arrangement.

I employed three of my custom Stratocaster. The main part is played with my hollow body Stratocaster featuring a custom Wilkinson pickguard and six position varitone. The rhythm part is performed with my Stratocaster featuring lace Sensor pickups. I like this guitar to play funky grooves with a clean sound. And finally, I played some background guitar using my Fender Stratocaster modern player model.

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