Jeronimo From Squier Strat Bullet review

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I composed this piece not too long ago for a demo of the Fender Squier Bullet Strat HSS. I thought it fit perfectly with the Stratocaster sound.
I named the tune Jeronimo, spelled with a J, not because I am an ignorant, but in honor of drummer Jerome Antonuccio, who gave me the drum groove.
I took this old midi track, and I recorded the final cut in few hours only.
The song is deliberately very simple. There are four parts:
A drum part, a bass part I played on my Fender Bass VI Modified, and two strat parts. A rhythmic riff with a clear sound in fourth position, and a solo part in fifth position using a Suhr Riot distortion stompbox.
I also used a Slow Engine MOOER that gives this violin effect you can hear in the intro and at the beginning of the guitar solo.

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