JTT – Jazz Tous Terrain

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Smooth bossa nova like mood. It’s not really a traditional bossa nova rhythm, but the ambience remind the coolness of the Brazilian style.

I wrote this song in 1991, and I never played it with anyone. It was just a chart slipping in a folder. I also had a basic MIDI file of the arrangement, and that was it.

Finally, it was time to make the song alive. I enjoyed pretty much recording it using all my different guitars and the lovely Latin rhythm EZdrummer plugin.

I used six different guitars for the recording. I always use many different instrument when I record a song. It makes the mix sounds much richer, and each part more distinct.

I used my custom fretless guitar to play the first part of the song. I used it to perform the intro, the first theme, and the first solo.

I used my Harley Benton Nashville nylon guitar to play bossa nova type of read them in the intro and to double the theme in unison with the fretless guitar.

I also used my Harley Benton 12 strings guitar through the song to perform orchestral parts and counter melody.

After the fretless guitar solo, I switched to the Airline Map guitar as well as my custom semi-hollow body Stratocaster to play a 16 bars tutti. I also switched from my nylon guitar to my Delta six guitar for the rhythm part.

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