Keep It Cool – Harley Benton RB-612CS & Scalloped Strat

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The song features a bunch of different guitars. I based it around my Harley Benton RB – 612 CS. A 12 strings electric guitar that I bought over a year ago.

In the first place, I wanted to use that song to demo that 12 strings guitar. But, as creation got along things went differently than expected.

I was fooling around the chord progression of the first part since years. I like it, but I didn’t know what to do with it. I even included it in a song that I scrapped long ago.

When I started to record that famous chord progression, I came up with the second part. I was playing a crunch sound on the 12 strings to use it in a less conventional way. Finally, while playing around with my new custom-made scalloped Stratocaster, I came up the third part within seconds. After years, that song is finally completed, and I am euphoric about it.

The song starts with the 12 strings using a clean set up, and I play the theme on my custom-made fretless guitar. I love that guitar, when using a clean sound it actually sounds like a fretless bass played and octave higher. If you play in the lower register, it sounds like a bass. Then when things get rockier, I switch to the custom scalloped Stratocaster using a crunch sound and a Soul Food effect at the same time. It gives a bigger sound without being too heavy. I tried to set the lead sound not too heavy, to keep it related to the beginning of the song that is much softer. I used a 4th position pickup setting in order to have a smoother sound.

There are almost no effects of synthesiser in this song. I only used my beloved voice box effect from EHX during the intro to backup the fretless theme, and I used my midi controller for one note only, to play a string pedal that you barely ear during the third part of the song.

Keep It Cool features an extremely simple lineup: Drum, bass and two guitars. Except in the intro where I used a 3rd guitar track to improvise a minimalist counter melody around the fretless melody. I played it with my Delta 6 from Eastwood guitars, and I mixed it extremely low.

I hope you enjoy that song as much as I do.

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