Micro-Swing – Custom Harley Benton Thinline TE-90QM with P180 GFS pickups & Micro Synth from EHX

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Micro Swing is a medium swing at 100 BPM. I had the idea of the song while testing my new effect from electro harmonics: The Micro Synth. I came up with the theme within few minutes. The sound I found after few minutes of testing inspired me.

I kept that song as simple as possible. I am used to producing heavy duty arrangement featuring lots of different parts. This time around, I wanted to be as simple as possible and to play with spaces. There are only four different tracks in this song. Bass, drums, a clean guitar track and the famous theme perform with the micro synth.

The drums are as usual produced using the amazing EZDrummer plug-in. I mixed different jazz drummers in that song.

I enjoyed performing the baseline using my beloved Squier bass VI plugged directly into the sound card. This bass is absolutely fantastic. The more I use it, the more I am amazed about it.

On the clean guitar track, I used some Micro Synth guitar filter to filter my sound. I am using detune from my Boss pedal, Mooer boost, Cathedral reverb, ( room setting), and digital delay. I love using the Micro Synth effect to filter the sound of the guitar, clean or distorted. You can, of course, use it to create real analog synth sound like I did with the theme in that song, but also to slightly modify the guitar sound. You can alter the frequency you want to create a new sound.

I wrote that song within few minutes, but it took me quite a while to find the perfect sound for each track.

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