Morning Glory – Fretless Guitar EHX Micro Synth – Harley Benton 12 string & Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic Kit

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This song is based on two compositions I wrote years ago. The two different parts blend perfectly, so I decided to make one song out of it.
I recorded it using three different guitars of my collection.
I played the lead part using my custom fretless guitar plugged into my Micro Synth effect from EHX. I’m using four different voice mixes of the same filter sweep setting. It sounds unbelievable. I am amazed of the different sounds I can get using different pickup Selection. I also used the fretless to play the baseline in the first part of the song. I only used the EHX Micro Synth’s octave down setting to get this Moog bass sound.
The two other guitar parts feature my Harley Benton RB-612CS Classic Serie and my custom Stratocaster sporting the Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic Kit and lipstick pickups from GFS. I used almost no effect on the 12 string guitar. Only some reverb and a bit of compression or for some part in the middle of the 15/8 section.
The same goes for the Graph Tech Acousti-Phonic Kit. I tried to keep the natural sound of the guitar as close as possible to the sound I get from my amps.
As always, I played the bass part using my Squier VI and drum track uses various drummers from EZdrummer plugin.

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