Mr Brun – Perform with Delta 6 & Airline Map Eastwood Guitars

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Mr Brun (Mr. Brown in French) is a tribute to a French movie called Marius. Mr Brun is one of the main characters in that movie, and I love the guy. The actor himself and the role he plays.

I’m into old French movies. Nowadays they try to make US movies, and it sucks. But back in the days when they were producing real French movies, they were splendid and original.

As you can see in the video, I am not using any images from that movie. I didn’t want to break any copyright rules. I use HD stock video footage from Beachfront B-Roll. That guy delivers since years amazing high-quality videos to use for free. Most of my videos are using clips from him as well as green screen effects downloaded on various places.

Even if the video is not using any images from Marius movie. I keep close to the main subject of the film, which is the sea. Mr Brun in that movie is a sails’ merchant.

I wrote that song based on three traditional African rhythms in 12/8.

  • Sabar
  • sogolon
  • marakadon

African are always playing rythm for a reason to celebrate a special event. There is always a meaning as to why they are playing it.

Sabar—from the Serer people in origin, is a traditional rhythm from Senegal. It is normally played with one hand and one stick.

Sogolon is played to celebrate fishing season. It’s originated from Bamako.

Marakadon is played to honor mothers. Only women are allowed to dance.

Personally, I only used musical aspects of each groove to compose this song. I just used them like traditional western music such as funk, shuffle, Samba and every other style of rhythm.

I wrote that song for my septet I was leading in the early 1990. I decided to record it using a lot of different guitars to play each different part of the original arrangement.

I didn’t use any synthesiser. I play everything using guitars only.

The first solo is played on a custom guitar I made recently loaded with P90 and Seymour Duncan pickups.

The second solo that starts with a clean sound and moves into crunch at the end of the song is performed with my beloved Airline Map from Eastwood Guitars.

I used my Delta 6 in the intro with some ring modulator, and also to play accompaniment during solos with a crunch sound.

I’m also using a Stratocaster to play funky rhythm and ostinato in different parts of the song.

The only programmed part is the drum part. Everything else is played with guitars and my six strings bass.

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