Mustang Wanted – Harley Benton Customized Telecaster & Stratocaster Gold Foil GFS Pickups

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I entitled that song “Mustang Wanted” in honor of the Ukrainian urban climber who owns that pseudonym. Right from the start I wanted to call that sound that way but for the sake of originality, I was searching for another title for days. I can come up pretty fast with name songs, but this time around I couldn’t find anything that fit as good as “Mustang Wanted.” When everything was done but the title, I decided to use my original idea.

The song structure is a D major blues. I’m changing the structure in some places during the song, but it’s basically a blues.

The main riff is performed using my Harley Benton TE-90QM that I customize heavily. I replaced the original Wilkinson P90 pickups with P180 pickups From GFS. I also added two toggle switches. They allow me to set each pickup in series, parallel or split. Finally, the two pots are push-pull. The first one set the pickup neck half out of phase, and the second one is a direct through setting, bypassing all the internal circuit.

I used two other guitars to perform the some parts at the beginning of the song until I could find the perfect one to blend with the Harley Benton. I used my Stratocaster featuring Gold Foil GFS Pickups to play the second solo and the last theme.

Another crucial effect employed in that song is the Electro-Harmonix Micro Synth.  I use it to filter slightly the guitar sound and also to create analog synthesized sounds. You can hear it in various places throughout the song.

I enjoyed recording that song pretty much. I dig the bass line I improvised while jamming with the drummer during the solo parts. It gives the song another dimension.

Enjoy, and as ask everything you want to know about it in the form below.

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