Potion Magique – Performed with Airline Map & custom Strat

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I named the sound Potion Magique (Magic Potion) because it is an unusual mix of different rhythms: Reggae and swing. I thought those two different styles were blending like a magic potion to make the song alive.

I wrote that song back in 1985. Yes, you read right; that was 29 years ago. I was living in Montréal back then, and this is one of the first songs I ever composed. 1985 was the first year I was leading my septet. It was my first year at Concordia University, and that song is featured on my first demo.

I recorded many different version of that song. You can listen most of them on my reverb nation account. Only the first one missing. It was recorded in an eight tracks studio, but I only have a tape cassette of the recording. Quality is so poor I didn’t even tried to transfer it to MP3.

This last version is based on an arrangement I did for a Street brass group I was playing Tuba with. I performed each brass instrument on guitars. Of course, I had to adapt it for guitar, but I tried to keep the main idea of the score.

I used my beloved Airline Map guitar to play the main part, and I used my custom scalloped Stratocaster to play the reggae groove. The swing accompaniment is performed on my Delta 6 guitar.

Once again, I used one of my favorite effect: the ring modulator. I start the love that effect more and more. It’s strange because I disliked it a lot before. I finally find a way to use it that I pretty like. I am duplicating the guitar track, and on one of the duplicated part I am adding it, blended really low in the mix. I don’t like to plug my guitar directly into the ring modulator. I like to use it to color my sound in the background. I used the ring modulator included in Cubase. I don’t know if I can achieve the same result with a stompbox ring modulator effect.

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