Pyramid – Custom Stratocaster Belcat & Wilkinson Pickups

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This song is based on the principle of pyramidal building. It was originally composed for a radio jingle, and employed as an intro for a radio show.

It was back in the early 90. For a couple of years, I wrote the entire music for a radio name RPH. This radio is still alive today, and it is located in the south of France near Pezenas.

At that time, I was only making MIDI programming. Computer music wasn’t at the level it is today, and audio recording wasn’t possible or at least not as easy as it is today. When I listened back to my MIDI archive I rediscovered this sequence that I had completely forgotten. I decided to record it using only my guitars and remove all programmed MIDI parts.

I used four different customized Stratocaster to record it. There’s a reason I’m always using different guitars. If you are using the same guitar to make overdubs, frequencies are the same. Therefore, mixing different tracks using the same guitar will sound muddy. It will be difficult to make a difference between each part. It will sound like all the different tracks are performed by only one guitar, and it will be very difficult to hear the different lines. Using different guitar, especially when there are equipped with a varitone, allows me to choose a different frequency for each track.

The main part is played with my latest loaded pickguard I made using Wilkinson humbucker pickups. It’s an HH plate with many splittable options and capacitor settings. I use my dual fusion Wampler overdrive pedal with delay, reverb, detune, and vibrato. The capacitor used is a 22 UF with the tone pot set around six.

The second part, the one playing funky type of single note riff, is performed on my scalloped Stratocaster featuring Lace Sensor pickups set in the fourth position. I’m using various type of effect on this part. It starts clean with just reverb, and I’m adding more and more effect as the song progress.

The third part, the one playing repetitive chords is performed with my Wilkinson single coil pickups guitar with a 010 capacitor setting with the tone pot set around three. I use my Super Ego pedal along with detune and compressor.

The fourth and last part, The one playing distorted counter melody is performed with my Belcat Humbucker Stratocaster. This one is hard to hear distinctly. Not because of the frequency used, but that part consist of few repetitive notes in the low register. I used the fourth position setting with the direct through varitone setting.
You can get all the different pickguard I used in this recording on my guitar parts website following that link.
You can ask any question you might have concerning the pickguard used or about that particular song in the form below.

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