Quai Des Brunes – Harley Benton Custom Line Nashville

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The more I play it, the Harley Benton custom line Nashville nylon guitar is becoming one of my favorite guitars.

Originally, I bought it because it was extremely cheap, and I wanted to have a nylon guitar to play some chords a work my finger-picking technique. As time goes by, I’m using it more and more regularly. It fits my style much more than I thought.

“Quai Des Brunes” is an old song of mine that I used in the new Harley Benton review video I recently published. In that video, I played a basic version of it. Featuring only two guitar tracks, a bass line and  drums. I wanted people to hear clearly each guitar line distinctly.

I decided to work on that first version, and to add light orchestration to it to make it sound complete.

Originally, the song was meant to be a bossa nova. When I recorded it, I decided to change the original rhythm for an African groove in 12/8 to make it a more modern version. The groove used is called Dununba. Dununba  means the strong mans dance. It is originated from Guinea. The important percussion instrument in that rhythm is the Dunun, who gave the name to it.
The way I used it as nothing to do with the African tradition. I only used the basic rhythm and made it my own.
I build the song on a harmonic minor scale on which I created the chord progression. Strangely, each section of the song is six bars long instead of the conventional eight bars structure. I didn’t do it on purpose; it came out like that and it sounds natural.

I used the A3 acoustic preamp from Zoom to amplify both tracks of the Harley Benton custom line Nashville nylon guitar.

In this version, I added a 12 strings chord progression during the theme, and I performed background choirs using my voice box effect from EHX.

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