Red Zebra – Funk Rock – GFS Gold Foil Pickups

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I recorded this song using the last two custom Stratocaster I build. They are totally different one from another.

The one you see in the video is a Custom Stratocaster featuring GFS Gold Foil Pickups and a Telecaster neck pickup used as a middle pickup. The wiring is not as extreme as my other Stratocaster. It features three on-on toggle switches instead of a regular Stratocaster five position selector. Also, as all my pickguard featuring humbucker pickups, I have an on-on-on toggle switch on each humbucker to be able to set it as series, split, and parallel. There is one switch per humbucker. The last switch is a solo toggle switch that bypass all the pots to get the unfiltered sound of the pickups.

The body is made of zebra wood, and the neck is a regular maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. Finally, I installed all the best gear there is for the vibrato setting: Locking tuners, rolling trees, rolling nuts, rolling saddles, brass sustain block, and finally a Goldo backbox locking tuners system.

The second one, using to play background tracks and the first solo is a custom Stratocaster featuring Burns special pickups using the famous red special wiring from Brian may. It’s not exactly the same wiring, but close. The middle pickup Is not out of phase but half out of phase. There is no reason to have three out of phase pickups on a three pickups guitar. You get the same pickup Setting using only two out of phase pickup. So to get the maximum possible setting I decided to make the middle pickup half out of phase.

The remaining of the guitar is almost the same of the other one. The only difference is the sustain block. On this guitar, it is made out of steel instead of brass.

I played the bass line with my Squier VI bass, and the drum part is EZDrummer as usual.

The song is entitled “red zebra” because this is how I nicknamed my golf foil Stratocaster, which I’m using to play the lead part of the song.

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