Strat Me Up – Stratocaster & Hot Rail Belcat Alnico Pickups

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I got the idea for that song while I was reviewing the Varitone installed on my Modern Player Stratocaster. I was playing around the chord progression since a few days, and when I was recording the video, I came up with a guitar intro and the main riff.

I kept the intro phrase I imported from the modern player’s video. I was too lazy to record it again, and I liked the way it sound with that Modern Player Stratocaster.

Besides the intro, the song is entirely performed using my latest custom Stratocaster featuring Hot Rail Alnico Humbucker Pickups from Belcat with at six position varitone.

I made it using a custom body fabricated by a Spanish luthier that I bought on eBay. The body is made of Red Ash Flamed wood, and it sounds fantastic. I ordered a 22 frets Maple Neck with Rosewood Fingerboard and a Wilkinson tremolo from China.

I assembled the pickguard using those famous humbucker pickups, and this time around, I didn’t do anything too complicated. Only a neck pickup switch and a varitone. I changed a bit my varitone setting by adding only five capacitors and leaving the last one free to get a direct through option. It was a wise idea, because those pickups combined with the red ash wood deliver a sound with lots of bottom, and the direct through option gives the needed treble boost for soloing.

Those guitar pickups are also extremely sensitive to the varitone. You can easily hear a great difference between each capacitor.

Enough electronic, let’s talk about how I used that guitar to record that song.

There are three different sound setups.

The lead part is performed using the bridge pickup with a 0.47 cap selected on the Varitone. The tone pot is set around 4. I’m using the crunch sound of my Bugera amps along with some Soul Food to give an Extra Boost. Except That, I’m using digital Reverb and some Delay to soften and enlarge the sound.

The chord riff is doubled. I am using the same setting as the lead part described above minus the delay. The second part uses the same setting, but with the neck pickup to fatten the riff.

Finally, the rhythmic part is played using the three pickups at the same time, because of the neck switch combined with the fourth position. Varitone is set on the direct through setting. Effects are crunch sound of my amps, some vibrato and the same reverb used on every part.

As usual, I performed the bassline using my beloved six strings Squier bass that I love more and more. For drums, I used different grooves coming from various banks I bought for the Ezdrummer plugin. I slightly modified most of them to stick with the song as much as possible.

The song tempo  is set to 155 BPM in the key of A major. The solo part in the middle is in E major.

I had a great time recording that song, and I am euphoric about the outcome.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

If you’re interested to get the same loaded pickguard I assembled for this guitar, you can buy it on my guitar part website following that link.

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